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Nothing But Driveways takes pride in their customer’s satisfaction which comes in part from outstanding workmanship and customer service but also knowing and meeting the customer’s needs and budget.


Nothing But Driveways is an asphalt maintenance contractor with over 20 years of experience making driveways and parking lots look like new around the greater Anchorage area and in the Mat-Su valley.


Now specializing in infrared asphalt patching and repair for small potholes and troublesome wide cracks. Infrared technology allows for seamless overlay with new/existing asphalt, and surface area elevation/leveling adjustments, and binds well with existing areas as a durable solution. 

Hot rubberized crack filling

As asphalt deteriorates, cracks can start to form. Filling cracks in a driveway prevents further damage from the surface as well as from below due to water seeping in, eroding the base, and freezing over and over. This typically leads to more cracks and, eventually, potholes over time.

Asphalt Repair / Patching

Over time, asphalt starts to wear down which may break away and sink into potholes and, in Alaska, earthquakes can exacerbate this issue. Nothing But Driveways can patch, or fill, potholes in your driveway, smoothing the drive experience out. Patching a driveway not only makes it look and feel much better to drive on, but also fortifies the driveway from breaking down further.

Nothing but Driveways Oil based seal coating

Oil based seal coating

Oil based seal coating helps reduce the need to repair asphalt and fill cracks. Sealcoating a driveway waterproofs and protects it from weatherization, which are the two main causes of asphalt breakdown. Applying a seal coat to your driveway or lot every two to three years will ensure its integrity.

Alaska winters are tough on asphalt.


With the regular freeze-thaw cycle, studded tires, plowing, and earthquakes, asphalt has a lot to stand up to. Small signs of wear and tear will eventually turn into cracks and potholes, even in driveways. The frustration of spring and summer driving doesn’t have to include your home or business. A well maintained driveway or parking lot looks fantastic and will add to the quality of a customer’s experience.

Alaska summers are incredibly short.


If you’re fed up with a cracked driveway or want to improve your property’s looks, give Nothing But Driveways a call. Don’t let your family or customers endure another winter with a cracked and uneven driveway or lot.

Recommended Services for Larger Projects


Nothing But Driveways is your surefire solution for seal coating, asphalt repair, patching, and dealing with large cracks or small potholes - specializing in projects up to appx 400 SQFT. Due to the 40/60 ordinance in Anchorage - we stick to what we do best. If you are looking for something bigger such as paving, extending driveways, or major excavation, we highly recommend giving McKenna Brothers a call.

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Loved the work. Good folks. Awesome work. High quality.


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